Some expenses like mortgage payments may cease but increased health care costs may increase your budget amounts. Calculate current expenses and figure for cost of living increases. Knowing exactly how to manage your IRA will result in your being able to effectively plan for your retirement. Click here to use our IRA calculator.

IRS regulations in the United States state that anyone who is older than 70 is required to start withdrawing money from their 401k/IRA account. If you are in such a situation, it is important to know about how much you are required to withdraw. Click here to use our 401K calculator.

The Reverse Inflation Calculator is used when you want to know today’s buying power for a future amount of money. Click here to get started.

A Roth IRA is a fantastic vehicle for saving for retirement as it enjoys tax free growth and tax free distributions (as opposed to a Traditional IRA that receives a tax deduction for funds contributed into the IRA and tax deferred growth rather than tax free growth). Start calculating how much you anticipate your Roth IRA to be worth when you retire, click here to get started.